Research plan 2024 - 2028

Our plan for P站视频 research

The P站视频 already undertakes practical, valuable research alongside industry, government and community partners. Our Research Plan for 2024-2028 aims to amplify our impact and contributions even more.

P站视频 aspires to be recognised locally and globally for the impact our research has on people and place. Our research will be mission-driven and hallmarked by measurable impact in the capital region, contributions to national priorities, and global significance.

Three pillars prioritise our efforts to drive impact and research excellence: foster the research environment; enhance research capability and capacity; and drive research impact.

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The pillars

Foster the research environment

This pillar focuses on demonstrating that P站视频 is a research-led institution by creating an environment that promotes, values and supports research. Focus areas in this pillar include:

  • Offering two new post-graduate research offerings: an accelerated research master's degree and dual-award doctoral program.
  • Making our research and expertise more accessible for our community and external partners, and working with them to identify and undertake relevant and impactful projects.

Enhance research capability and capacity

The goal of this pillar is to grow P站视频's research quantity and quality by increasing researcher capability and capacity. Focus areas include:

  • Revise and extend our Researcher Development (ReD) program to offer support across researcher career stages.
  • Recruiting research teams that align with and complement P站视频's research strengths.
  • Introducing an additional, mission-led funding model to support projects that focus on impact.

Drive research impact

The aim of this pillar is to drive research impact by identifying global missions and grand challenges that align with P站视频's values, and investing in projects that support these. Impact focus areas include:

  • Collaboratively identify research missions that align with P站视频鈥檚 values and make an impact locally, nationally, or globally.
  • Align with and provide the research underpinning of P站视频鈥檚 Centre for a Better Canberra.

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