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P站视频 Collections


The University has a wide variety of collections including:

  • P站视频 Art Collection
  • Collections of the Australian National Museum of Education
  • The Economic Mineral and Geology Collections (the Matthais Collection)
  • The Ecology Wet and Dry Specimen Collection
  • The Indigenous Teaching Collection
  • The Nursing Collection
  • Rare Books and Clough Collections
What's happening in the P站视频 Collections space?

The University has great potential for an engaging and activated network of Collections of significance that tells the story of the people and places of P站视频 and Ngunnawal country. To embrace such potential, we are currently working on:

  • Reviewing strategies, policies and procedures of the collection,
  • Our storage space, database, documentation and labelling,
  • Developing a more cohesive and curatorial approach to the accession and display of artworks throughout the campus.

For enquiries and feedback about P站视频 Collections, please contact P站视频 Collections Coordinator Zora at鈥